This last week has had several positive things happen for our collection of toys.

First, Loran Zibrowski (Manger of the Winona Shopko store) called to say that he had received a $1,000 grant from the Shopko Foundation for Toys for Kids. Shopko foundation has been a major supporter of Toys for Kids – and its predecessor organizations – for the past 15 years. Loran and his staff really go out of their way to find a way to support Toys for Kids activities.

Next a call was received from Pipe Dream Toys on 3rd St. in downtown Winona that they had some toys for us. They have a barrel for collection so the assumption was made that it was probably full and needed empting. Bad assumption. Upon arriving I was shown a large flatbed cart stacked full of toys. So rather than filling my plastic bag they filled my van with toys. Pipe Dream Toys is a newer supporter of Toys for Kids, this is the second year they have had a collection barrel. This was an unexpected and unsolicited call that raised hopes that we were going to be able to collect the necessary toys for distribution this year.

Then, I received another unexpected call. This was from Tom Severson of Severson Oil. They had been very active in support of Gifts for Winona in past years and since Gifts for Winona is not active this year he wanted to know if they could they could take part in Toys for Kids by placing barrels in their three Winona locations. Of course we were most happy to oblige.

These three events are only a small example of the wonderful support Toys for Kids receives from Winona; Toys for Kids is hoping for many more instances of such good news.

This a warm and giving community, that is truly appreciated.

Thank you, Winona